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Monday, April 2, 2012

Featured Artist: Gabriel Rattiner/Total Massacre of Blonde Hightower

Gabriel is an artist that we discovered through our (deceased) monthly top 10 lists  with his EP "Restore" under the solo name "Total Massacre". Joel has done a review of the album on the November list. Before total massacre he was in a band called "Luck War" that turned into a band called "Blonde Hightower" which is the currant project of this artist along with his self titled project. He was in many other short lived projects that will be linked in the sound cloud track that has the interview in the player below. We will post all currant tracks from "Luck War" - "Self Titled/Blonde Hightower" and we will review each full release as they come out. Enjoy The Music.

Luck War

Total Massacre

Gabriel Rattiner

Blonde Hightower

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