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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kyle's top 10 album's/EP's of 2010/2011

"Hey everybody, as my first post, I'm going to do a top 10 albums on the blog itself. Check it out when i put it up!-Kyle Collins"

Hey everybody, with this being my first post on the blog, I thought id do something that was relatively opinionated and simple, just so that everyone can get a hold of my type of music. So here we go!

10. Megadeth's "Th1rt3en"

I thought megadeth's new album thirteen was a great improvement upon the last release. The guitar solo's and Dave Mustaine's very recognizable vocals have made yet another wonderful metal record by this member of the big four.

9. All that remains "For we are many"

All that remains has created another metal masterpiece. With solid riffs throughout and gravely, deep-voiced vocals, All that remains has created another chart-topping beast.

8. Metallica's "Beyond Magnetic"

Metallica has made a large improvement upon their rep. After the last disaster with lou reed, this small four song EP has greatly improved my outlook on how Metallica's future in music could be. Granted in my opinion Metallica should end on this EP and from now on just remaster their old albums, im just a kid with an opinion.

From Austin: "If they can keep writing stuff like this, that sounds like their old stuff with a new spin on it, than I see no reason to have them stay together *shrugs*"

7. Skrillex's "Bangarang"

Skrillex's new Bangarang EP has made a great effort and the addition of some lyrics by Sirah and his small style change from dubstep a mixture of dubstep and electro-house has made his music that much more appealing to me.

6. Disturbed's "Asylum"

Disturbed has done it again. the album Asylum is still the same sound, but has a bit less of a kick to me than "Indestructible" a couple years ago. However, this is once again very opinionated based on my taste in music.

5. UKF's "Dubstep 2011"

UKF has done it again, providing the general public with some of the best dubstep I have ever heard. Three pluses to this album are 1. The price tag on this album is 5.99 on itunes. 2. The producers really deserve the money 3. Im still picking up bits of brain off the wall and ground after my head EXPLODED!!!!

4. Five Finger Death Punch's "American Capitalist"

The third album from five finger death punch left me dazed and confused after their deep guitar riffs and fantastic vocals knocked me a cold one right in my face. Absolutely AMAZING.

3. Avenged Sevenfold's "Nightmare"

Once again my favorite metal band of all time delivers. After the sudden death of The Rev and the halt in the making of this album, it was finished by the band and all-star drummer Mike Portnoy. I love this album overall, Matt's vocals are back to the way they once were, and their attitude is once again slapping punk-bitches like Justin Bieber in the face.

From Austin: "lets just make sure we know punk-bitches has nothing to do with punk"

2. Blackguards "Firefight"

While i only discovered this band after my purchase and play of the video game NHL 12, i have fallen in love with Blackguard. the screaming vocals and guitar riffs and solos are just amazing. I definitely recommend this album.

1. Trivium's "In Waves"

This album was in my opinion, the best metal album in 2011. Trivium's guitar riffs and vocals are landmark and I just love this band in general.

Well guys there ya go. let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

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