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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best Albums of November 2011

"This time it will be a lot less rushed and we tried to make it a lot more "indie" and all "hipster" and stuff (Joel did a better job than me this time)."

1. DRC Music- Kinshasa One Two

I hope you guys forgive me for I’m about to recommend music to you that is not all in English snd it’s mostly electronic. I’ll just cut to the chase before you guys throw me to the wolves; IT HAS THE GUY FROM GORILLAZ IN IT. Ok now that “Feel Good Ink.” Has your attention I can speak! After the “The Fall” Damon Albern took a one way trip to the Congo (yes the one in Africa). He was seeking to help people in need but in that proses he found many people with musical talent and a way to help the Congo while playing music. You see he took the opportunity to make music with the locals and that became “Kinshasa One Two” and he became a DJ by the name of DRC Music. I can’t accurately explain to you what this sounds like except electronic African music with the melancholy sound of Gorillaz. You just simply have to hear how the scythes drums and Native chanting/rapping intertwines. For yourself and below is your opportunity to listen to great music and help by buying the album.

-Austin Lovelace

2. Total massacre- Restore

It's these EPs that you kind of want to keep for yourself because you want the magic to be for yourself only, but this month, I'm gonna be nice with you and share the magic! Now, the first track is actually quite impressive and makes me want to take a walk down town... well, the whole EP makes you feel like a cool kid. It makes me think of a nice peaceful world, not the one that we see on the news nowadays anyways. I love how it has energy all through the album but still keeping it exciting to hear it again (I think that’s because of the amazing quality of the instruments). You can hear the singer being a bit off tune for some of the songs, well I just feel like it ads lots of power in them and makes it have real gutts. The guy just basically lets himself go when he sings, impressive vocals and makes you want to sing it out loud.

All in all, great band, great EP, check out their other stuff and if I had to describe this EP in a couple of words is (warm and flashy, ready for a brand new day!)

Impressive album art right?

- Joel Duplessis

3. Chalk Dinosaur- Follow Me

For the first track: Wow, what a surf feeling! Like if you're watching people surf with this colorful background that makes everybody want to go swim! A real fresh sound coming out these attacking guitar riffs, and omg, the beach boys feeling when the backup singers comes in, very impressive. And then all the other tracks are different. This is what makes the album so enjoyable, you don't get tired of it easily, you always get a different blast from the mixtures of styles they have on this album, buuuut, it always has this surf rock background. Love it, simply amazing...

10/10 album coming right at you!

-Joel Duplessis

4. Los Campesinos - Hello Sadness

You guys can relax now okay, they sing in English… I don’t know how to explain this album; I really don’t. I can tell you that they have a really dense sound that comes from indie rock and ska and I can tell you that this album features a lead singer that sings in a dirty, high falsetto, voice that sounds like Thom Yorke , of Radiohead, and Isaac Brock, of Modest Mouse, having a violent muscle spasm; I can tell you that the lead singer loves to complain, bitch ,moan, and sing about girls but I still can’t tell you how this album sounds. This album is emotional even if it feels happy or over complaining (think the Smiths but really messy). I just can’t do this album justice you have to hear it for your self below.

-Austin Lovelace

5. Koudlam- Goodbye

I don't even know why I listened to this in the first place. I don't know what I was thinking, I don't know why we chose put this in 5th position, but each time I listen to it, I get abducted by aliens... So I kind of have no choice... Anyways, this album is actually really great, except for the first track... don't know why the dude just didn't give that track to the dog. So it really does sound like the guy comes from all over the world.
(Me: so Koudlam, could you eplain to me where you're from?
Koudlam: all over it man.)
theres nothing much more to say about the album, it really is great. (love the arrangements! omg.)

have the best of times listening to this album, and I recommend it into your itunes.

-Joel Duplessis

6. The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions

After all this time they’re back they’re really back. No their not but they were holding out on us for a long time. This album is just that puzzle peace from the wrong puzzle that made it into the box. It’s all unfinished ideas of those songs you love because despite what you think they didn’t just pop in to the studio and walk out after an hour of recording. It’s hard to know what to expect from an album like this but I can tell you that you get a full disc with all those songs you love like “Good Vibrations” and “Surfs Up” but as you move through all 5 discs you will find out how they screwed up and they did a lot. They had 34 takes of “Heroes and Villains” before they got it right and 24 takes of “Good Vibrations” (the whole last disc). You also get to hear all the subtle ideas that just floated around and never made it onto songs. This is the most humble thing I think I ever heard; it’s just a band showing off all of their flaws right in front of your face and you enjoy listening to it. Pick this thing up if you can!

-Austin Lovelace

7. Ghoul- Transmission Zero

Ah good old thrash metal; wait I’m 16 I wasn’t there to remember that? At least I feel like I was but I don’t remember “And Justice for All…” being influenced by that Beach Boys album above. Oh my head hurts so why did I head bang. All I’m saying is that “Ghoul” somehow put “Surf Rock” into thrash metal; you just need to hear it what am I supposed to say. Should I also say that they are influenced by “Misfits”. They put punk into metal; man they sing like “Misfits”. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH brain fuck! Okay this is really good I just don’t know what to say anymore just hit this album up and if you want to get even more confused look up the band members (most of them are famous for other metal projects btw).

-Austin Lovelace

8. The Spits - The Spits V

I don’t know if anyone else is a punk fan as much as I am but there has been a recent come back from all of the pop punk that’s invading the music scene with bands like “OFF!” and “Cerebral Balzy”. The Spits are no exception to this; they are dirty, they are fast and they are mean and ready to crash the party and steel your girlfriend after they egg the white house on the way there, they’re with a monster in the back seat. This is punk in its modern come back weather than can decide whether they want to be the Misfits, Black Flag, Or the Clash. You could say they don’t know what to sing about but I think they have a good idea, they’re the thinking bully. I don’t want to say they sound just like they came out of the 80s though because there is a hint of the distortion of late “Husker Du” and some of the popyness of “Green Day’s” album “Dookie”. They are as new as classic punk will ever be. PLEAs check out their earlier stuff if you like this you’re in for a treat!

-Austin Lovelace

9. Treelines- Courage
This album made me want to sing: "COURAAAAAAAAAAAGE"... Yeh, pretty much an unknown band from vancouver that cought my attention with this brand new EP called "courage", witch is named after the third song on the album, by a band named... ah whats the name again... Treelines. What did I like about the album? well, I love the song "courage" and the fact that the singer is like, really good, his voice has real soul in it. The reason why this album didn't make it further than this into the top ten? hmmm... Well you see, we like to pick original artists and, the songs in this EP are bassicaly simple chords and well done leads, good drum beats... It really is the singer that makes the band interesting and keeping you from clicking on the stop button. Anyways, if you want a short descrption on the album, its "soulful indie rock with that country twang that makes you want to take your car and go for a trip... until the EP is over, you might get tired of it after only a bit of listens"

well, time for you to go for a quick look at this EP!

-Joel Duplessis

10. Snow Patrol- Fallen Empires

(p.s. You guys have a great time laughing at my last review!)

Snow Patrol really changed during the years... Going back to their best hit "Chasing Cars" on the album "Eyes Open", the band was more Alt. Rock but then it just seemed like the band was trying to get into that indie pop scene and for me, just didn't work out very well... Fallen Empires is more Indie Pop Rock if I was to say what style it is, but I hate to just say that, because now I feel like you guys are gonna just look at it as a bad way to waste your time. Be nice to the 90 year old man walking down the street- yeh, I'm comparing this album as a 90 year old man walking down the street, a kick-ass one, that can fly! haha, so if you listen to this album, just remind yourself, hey, they know what they're doing, better than I do listening to them right now! They’ve lived for 90 years and they have super powers!

Here’s a song that describes "grampaman?" the best.

- Joel Duplessis

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