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Friday, April 6, 2012

Austin's Record Store Day! Wish List 2012

"Get ready to drop some money on the 21st. There are some great releases here."

For those of you that don't know record store day is one of the coolest days for music nerds like us. Record store days are in a lot of trouble because of online piracy and sails and weather or not you agree with it or not it does take one of the coolest places to hang out. On the 21st of April artists will release limited edition releases in an attempt to bring people back to their stores. This is my wishlist and I hope you guys are ready to drop some money on that day. (ps. wishlist means there is no way in hell I'm getting all this shit)

Top 10 = Want WANT!

All it took was for me to hear that PiL was coming back for their first release in 20 years. On record store day too OMG. It's good to see Johny Rotten back like this.

Fuck what he wants to be called. He'll always be Johnny Rotten to me

2. The Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine (limited purple vinyl)
I'm not sure why everyone is hating on the new single because I thought it was great (a lot better than "Suck it and See" at least -_-) + plus it's purple god damn it! Yes the guy in the video is Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. In other words it's not a pun ^

3. Gorillaz (featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000) - Do Ya Thing 
This track right here, this track right here... Yep I'm so hoping to find this 13 min epic on one sided vinyl. Really James Murphy from "LSD Sound System" and Andre 300 of "Outkast"! Converse I'm impressed.

4. The White Stripes - Hand Springs/Red Death at 6:14
This band is intent on releasing B-Side after B-Side of post break up material (recorded while still a band)  but really it's all great stuff so I'm not gonna act like I don't want this vinyl that looks like a black mint.

5. Eddie Vedder - Love Boat Captain/Wishlist
 Given that the last album that he put out was composed of all ukulele song it makes seance that he would cover some songs of his/Pearl Jam's album "Yield". There are some classics on that thing but it would be awesome to here him try to cover "Once", "Blood" or "Got Some" on that thing but "Wishlist" should be good (I bet that little thing sounds good on a live recording).

6. Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus
If nothing else their remix LPs have always been interesting if not entertaining but this one should be more interesting than any other remix LPs. On Panda Bear's last album "Tomboy", which is a recommended listen, he used a computer program that filter his already recorded tracks int random orders and in some cases blended them in weird and interesting ways. In ways this kind of mixing is what made the album a week listen but I'm still interested in hearing this used on random Animal Collective songs. + I want this artwork so bad

7. Blitzen Trapper - Hey Joe b/w Skirts on Fire
Really i just want this because I LOVE BLITZEN TRAPPER. Isn't that enough for you? FINE I'l tell why... just listen V

8. Death Grips - The Money Store
Death Grips IS the most original MC in Hip-Hop right now. I don't know anyone, who would call him Hip-Hop, who does not agree. He's releasing the first pressing of his new album on Record Store Day so it's a must grab.

9. Misfits - Walk Among Us (limited blue, clear, and red vinyl)
 This is one of the best Misfits records, in my opinion <---- nope can't forget to say that, and I would love to have a cool blended color vinyl of it.

10. The Clash - London Calling 2012
I've never really been a big fan of Clash Remixes, the sound of those two words scares the crap out of me, but this thing does have an official re-recorded instrumental on it so it should be worth it.

The Near Impossible Idea Of Left Over Money (AKA Suggested) 
1. M83 - Mirror
I'm a fan but not a big enough one to listen to an etched vinyl of an unreleased from an artist I kinda like.

2. Paul McCartney - Another Day / Oh Woman Oh Why
I'm not big on re-issues but this is the first single he released during the onset of his solo career starting with the album "Ram", which outside of the wings sound on some of the songs, I consider to be amazing.

3. Death Cab for Cutie - Codes And Keys Remix EP
I'll admit it. I'm not at all fond of the idea of remixing these songs and haven't listened to the album but I'm a die hard so it's defiantly not (I mean maybe).

4. Paul Revere and the Raiders - (You're A) Bad Girl / Ride Your Pony
There's nothing wrong with wanting some good old 60s rock/brit pop in your life right? I mean this band is what would've happened if "The Beatles" never passed "Pleas Pleas Me" so there's some nice song writing to look forward to.

ps. Yes I know they didn't write it but I love their version of (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone.

I'm Looking Forward to Finding $1,000 on the Side Walk Out Side the Store
1. King Crimson - 21st Century Bundle
Don't get me wrong it's great fucking music but there is no way in hell I'm paying for a whole box set.

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