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Friday, March 2, 2012

Joel's Point of View 2

If we reach 50 likes, I will do a song in any style you want about every single one of you who liked this page! you just need to share this page to your friends, the sooner, the better and funier the song will be. 
-Joel Duplessis"

Getting Ready for Black March:

Today, I am getting ready for Black March. If you have no clue what Black March is, its simply to not buy anything or download anything, not watching a video online, not seeing a single movie at the theaters and such to stop Internet-censoring litigation like SOPA and PIPA, in the month of March... so how do you prepare for it? well I'm actually downloading a bunch of discographys right now to keep me busy for March. Now, if music is not enough for you, downlaod videos on youtube and don't watch it until Black March, I know that I'm going to rewatch Prison Break by borrowing it from a friend, so there is always that option too. If theres a book you really want or an album, or a movie, just wait till april. If we can all work on this together, we will seriously manipulate their profit margins and they will know who they're really dealing with. Lets show them who's the power in all of this.

Thank you for reading and thank you even more if you're participating.

Joel Duplessis.

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