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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Joel's Point of View 1

"Hello guy and welcome to my first presentation of "Joel's Point of View", I will do this more likely every week or so, don't be afraid to comment, this is made for it."

now, what to talk about, what to talk about... OH YEH! So I was watching the Grammys last week and it was pretty interesting, I saw many many things happening and enjoyed all of the performances, but one thing came up to my mind. Why do they always make "Album of the Year" the biggest prize? I mean, today's "best" music (most likely pop) is all about producing and the sounds that's happening in the songs... So If music is not that all about the artist, then why is it that when they name the album of the year, the full crew doesn't walk on the stage, but just the artist? I think the biggest Grammy should be "Producer of the Year" or at least, If they want to make the "Album of the Year" so prestigious or, or, honored and shiny and all, then why don't they just have the full crew, who worked so much harder than the pop artist, walk on the stage? I'm not saying its easy to make music and all, as a musician I know that, but today's music is all about producing the energy in the sounds that they're using, the beats, the extreme work of mastering and mixing... Anyways I'll finish this off with a video showing how it works these days:

The girl could not sing at all in the beggining and at the end, she sounded like lady gaga... Anyways, talking about the Grammys, I'll be preparing something for you guys talking about the Grammys, what I liked and what I disliked.

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