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Monday, December 5, 2011

Top 10 Albums of October 2011

"(Wow you guys we just spent the last __hours writing this list. I don't like it that we seem to be a duo right now so you can bet that you guys will be able to help us out on next months list. Thank you very much for reading and liking as we get this thing going. These are our top 10 albums of October, I really hope their all from October, and we kind of rushed it. Love all 6 of you. lol. Pleas start at 10 and move up.
-Austin Lovelace)"

1. Milo- I wish my brother Rob was here

I might seem very eager to write this review and your damn rite that I am. I am very proud to present a hip- hop mix tape as the best album of this month given that hip- hop has been making a huge come back from the shit fest of the last decade with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., and Danny Brown taking back lyrics for hip- hop but we are here to talk about Milo and I couldn't be happier to do so. The beats of this mix tape are mostly from other instrumental albums and I don't have time list them all but the point here is that Milo always knows which beat to use to get his words across. It's always great to see rappers take chances and on this album he takes uses beats that are so electronic that most rappers would veer away in fear and his lyrics fallow the same route. The lyrics cannot be described in quotes but I will try; "I want to be a writer, if given the chance I would write a novel for every girl that let me kiss her and another for the all seeing eye of her big sister", "My spidei sense tingles whenever Edie Vedder is near", and "the other night I told the nurse I was swaged out she put me in my place responding "well why can't you wipe your own ass" damn"; all of these lines are from the song "One Lonely Owl" which will make you cry if you let it. As far as his flow goes I can't ever say he goes hard on this mix tape but his flow seems to adapt to the beat no matter how fast or slow it goes, and sometimes he seems to be slam poet instead of a rapper. It's very clear that this artist is a nerd to the 3rd power but unlike other artists like MC Frontalot I can take his lyrics about star track as "real". Some will say that this tape can be badly produced at times and that other times he will spit a corny line but with everything this album has going for it I just can't let that bother me, "guys this is a mix tape". This thing is classic and it's free; you would be a fool not to at least listen to something this brilliant.

-Austin Lovelace

2. Mutemath- Odd Soul

I just found out about Mutemath a month ago, watching their insane music videos on youtube and realizing that their music is "actually not that bad". I do have to say that after listening to "Odd Soul", at first, it didn't feel right, and wasn't like their other songs that I heard on youtube, but like every other albums, i got used to it. Now, here I am listening to "Odd Soul" with the repeat button on, while writing about it... Let me tell you that it is a drug. The music makes me feel like I want more and more of it. If you like alternative rock and want something new, I welcome you to the hardest drug there is on the market, the "Odd Soul". That’s right, I feel like a drug dealer telling you all of this, so just buy it fast and don't let anybody see you listen to it. There is not a change in the world I would make to this album, it’s just beautiful the way it is. I want to scream on the rooftops that I love this band and hate the fact that there are not enough people that know about them. Please, make that a change for them and go right now listen to it right away!

Now, if you want me to describe to you the album, I personally think it has a hint of Radiohead with a more "up-beat" to it. I hear some noises in the background and I am wondering if it's part of the tunes, or my mind ready to explode, which would be qualified as Post-Rock. It is probably impossible to describe their sound because of their originality, but this is how I see it. Listening to their music makes me feel like:

(1: a 58 year old crack addict)
(2: a 12 year old boy who thinks and wants to prove that this is the best band in the world!)
(3: it's the freekin' apocalypse)

Please make this band, and yourself a favor, and listen to their tunes... You will not be dissapointed.

here's a trippy music video that took them 10 hours to film, written, directed, and filmed in less than 24 hours during an off day in LA at the Warner Bros. Records parking lot. (I swear to god, the drummer can fly)

-Joel Duplessis

3. Civil Civics- Rules

We are writing these based on our picks from 10 to 1 so excuse my writing as I transfer from Tom Waits to Civil Civics, believe me this is not easy.

This is one of the most happy things I have heard out of instrumental music to date and feel free to add creativity to that statement as well. This band has been leading up to this release with amazing singles pared back to back. You can hear enough electronics in this debut album to throw you off of the instrumental strong hold that they blatantly slap you in the face with after each listen but do not let that distract you from enjoying this, uh, post, post punk wonder. I think any New Order fan will agree with me that the only thing holding this album back from our trained ears is the lack of that old popy voice that we are all so used to hearing from that old New Order material but please do not take this band as a copy. This band just unleashes a bag of styles on you, think about jumping into Santa's bag only to find out you can't ever get out because it has no bottom to reach; I hope you get what I mean there. I swear on the 4th track I feel like I'm going end up in a quick draw with Dracula in some sort of overly happy anime program, your just going to have to listen to it. I don't think you will ever get bored listening to this and if you do I hope the band gives you your money back.

-Austin Lovelace

4. Bjork -Biophilia. 

There is nothing and no one that can compare to Bjork, and it is in "Biophilia" that we truly understand that. Bjork has a way to make people see what she's singing in her songs without even making the listeners open one eye. A lot of people will say that Bjork is too weird or has turned too extreme for anybody to enjoy themselves with her music, but of course, anyone that says that is just too simple minded to understand her feelings through her songs. At first when I listened to "Biophilia", I was kind of scared, but I gave it another try... It took me 3 1/4 listens of the entire album to say "hey, this is good... really good!" and the album was way more enjoyable when I really got into it. I got so much into it that my head started sweating an ocean. If you listen to "Biophilia" just to give it a listen, it will not do... You have to say to yourself "it's Bjork, she knows what she's doing" sometimes you just got to stop juging everything you hear and start listening to the ones who knows what the hell is going on. That’s exactly why I will stop right here and give you guys the choice of listening to this album or not.

(and please don't mock the hair... her songs just makes you realize that YOUR hair is ridiculous)

-Joel Duplessis

5. Feist- Metals

It shows so much from Feist like it never did before. I actually think that this is my favorite album from her and do think that she put way more than people does to listen to her album. Before, I have to say, I wasn't that much into her music, but now it's like an explosion just happened inside of me while hearing that warm indie sound gently entering my ears. I might go get myself checked for internal bleeding, but first I have to listen to her new album a hundred more times. You'll probably find yourself attached to your pair of headphones while listening to "Metals". This album is totally recommended and if you do not have it in your iTunes, I swear to god, you're missing something that's worth listening to.

(btw I like putting live videos because it shows much more than just a cover of an album and something that’s been played for hours in a studio to sound perfect, this live performance is great)

-Joel Duplessis

6. Tom Waits- Bad as Me

This album will not do well with most listeners and in fact I would like to exclude any talk of genre before I even say a word about the artist because at this point he’s been everywhere and he is every were on this album. The most conman criticism on this album is how scattered it is and I want to put that to rest before I start talking on this album as well; this album is Tom going back to all of his older works and improving on how bad it was, which it isn't. Now to the review…:)

Tom Waits may just be the equivalent to the joker in today’s modern music, in personality and sound, and if you have some trouble taking the talking heads seriously than you will have a field day with this guy’s voice. Just listening to the title track you will find yourself debating on weather this guy can even sing but even more than that you will want to see if you should give a guy like this the time of day if you met him in real life. The weird truth of the matter is that he actually expects you to take all of his words as true to life as you can and as soon as you start doing that you'll question your own sanity! I can guarantee that you just won’t get this album without hearing all of his other work but whether or not you get it or not this album will make you feel, well, something weather you like it or not. This guy is weirder than Primus and to be quite frank hearing him belch out the lyric "You’re the same kind of bad as me" makes me want to question my most recent purchase of "Green Naugahyde" because I'm not sure how to take "Jilly's on smack, and she won’t be coming back" anymore.

-Austin Lovelace

7. Coldplay- Mylo Xyloto.

Don't expect this to be like Coldplay's other albums, because it’s not. Ok, I'm having a hard time telling you what this album is before you guys listen to it because it has a sound in particular... you can't really say it's pop or then you'd be insulting the band and it's not their usual alternative rock sound, but it’s like the band decided to take a perfect square piece of paper and cut the corners and spin the paper around to make it seem like if it’s a circle (weirdest way of explaining it, I know). Coming out of Coldplay, I am not so impressed from their album, but the public seems to like it. You just have to go listen to it I guess... My favorite track on it is definitely “Charlie Brown” because everything is put together so beautifully, like when the lead guitar comes in half way, I feel like dancing the lotus flower! After all it isn't that bad and you obviously have to listen to it or else you're just totally missing out.

-Joel Duplessis

8. Absu- Abzu 

I feel that this probably should have been higher on the list than it is but when you put and indie kid in a room and say "listen to metal" it's kind of like putting a penguin in the Sahara Dessert. I'm sure a lot of people that like this page will shy away from this given that it's closer to the sight of Black, Thrash, and even Death Metal but hear me out on this one. I myself am not really even a fan of this album but still I had the sensation of my blood boiling and the overwhelming need purge my excitement by throwing my T.V. out a window when I heard this album. Don't get me wrong this album became just as annoying as any other hard metal album has too many indie fans before me but it took a few listens to ware down on me. This type of album is metal cover in the dirt and sand of other music beyond its reach but that still does not take away the need to head bang to it. This is not my kind of music but when something like this makes me feel exited to a point where my brain is telling me to try it again, even if I will never like it, it is worth being in my top 10 and for all metal fans this is a must listen.  

-Austin Lovelace

9. M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming


M83 Is a band that uses electronics to add textures to a sound that can only be produced by them. They use every tool they can find to give you a listening experience that you will never forget. It may take you a little while to understand the squeaks and moans that cover their instrumentation but when you hear it your feelings will switch from confusion to happiness as the beats make you jump and dance like a hyper Thom Yorke. You will need to look for the textures that M83 puts in their music with saxophone, guitars, bass, and drums but I assure you it is well worth it. M83 goes out of their way to produce an accessible album this time around, which may disappoint fans, but if you’re looking for a gateway drug into this music his album is your ticket. This jazzy, instrumental, album made me interested enough to put it on this list and I think you will defiantly love it as much as I did.
-Austin Lovelace

10. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds- Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. 

We put this album last, not because it’s the worst of all the list, but because it’s not so much different. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds album is total worth listening or heck, even buying at the store! I really enjoyed this album and yes I do think that it is quite similar to some Oasis...

-Joel Duplessis

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